Capital Project

$10 Million

A central hub for health and wellness on Connor Quad.


It is not enough for students to do well at GA. We must ensure that they thrive. While many GA facilities have undergone incredible transformation, the need was great for a space that appropriately prioritizes the physical, social, and mental health of the GA community.

Health & Wellness Center Capital Project

Although construction is complete, meaningful contributions still support this transformative project.

$10.4 of $10 million raised


Our Health

Community Health & Wellness Center

The centrally located Health & Wellness Center has become a campus hub. This two-level structure, spanning more than 25,000 sq feet, represents GA’s commitment to prioritizing the vital connection between a healthy mind and healthy body. The new Health & Wellness Center is home to the Jordan Center (fitness and strength training facility), the Health Services Suite, the Athletics Department, two multipurpose wellness rooms, the updated and expanded Hall of Athletic Achievement, and the Patriot Café.

The new center provides 625% more health and wellness space for our community—increasing from 3,995 to 25,000 square feet.

Seven out of ten teens in the U.S. (between 13 and 17 years old) have named anxiety or depression as a major problem among their peers in the community. GA is responding with the resources needed to care for our current and future students.

Wallace, J. (2019, September 26). Perspective: Students in high-achieving schools are now named an ‘at-risk’ group, study says. The Washington Post.

Students of all ages benefit from the Health & Wellness Center.

Every student at GA—across all grades—spend time each day on mindfulness or physical well-being led by our faculty and coaches. A dedicated space supports these essential life skills.

Our Health

The new Health & Wellness Center is thoughtfully designed to serve students, student-athletes, faculty, coaches, and our extended community.
  • Connecting the existing gyms, pool, and field house, as well as the Lower School
  • Expansive new strength and fitness center with state-of-the-art equipment
  • New dedicated space for mindfulness, yoga, and other wellness programs
  • Centralized, more accessible nurse’s suite
  • Spacious new areas for athletic training and team workouts
  • Welcoming, light-filled lobbies and common areas for natural community gathering space
  • Improved overall campus accessibility and ADA compliance
  • GA Hall of Athletic Achievement, concession stand, and other features to enhance visitor comfort and school spirit

We applaud the creation of this new facility to teach the significance of health and well-being to children at a young age.”

Krista and Reid Buerger P’28 ’30 ’33